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Digital Impressions

Advanced 3D Dental Imaging with iCat Cone Beam

In just one scan, our advanced iCat Cone Beam 3D Imaging captures all essential records. Its flexibility means we can customize the field of view, focusing on broad or specific areas as needed.

Our state-of-the-art technology delivers crystal-clear 3D images, allowing us to study teeth, roots, TMJ, airways, and sinuses with pinpoint accuracy, free from distortion or magnification.

Prioritizing patient safety, we adhere to a clinically responsible scanning process. Our quick 4.8-second scan not only minimizes radiation exposure but also offers rich details, providing a comprehensive picture for accurate diagnostics.

Our modern approach eliminates the need for traditional impressions. This not only ensures greater accuracy but also streamlines the process, optimizing efficiency in our practice.

Armed with this wealth of information, Dr. Jones crafts the most effective and minimally invasive treatment plans, ensuring optimal results for every smile.

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iTero® Digital Impression System

Out with the Old: The Drawbacks of Conventional Impressions

Gone are the days of messy putty, uncomfortable trays, and the dreaded gag reflex during impressions. Traditional methods often involved the cumbersome process of filling a tray with goop and holding it in your mouth. This old-school technique was not just uncomfortable but sometimes inaccurate, requiring multiple attempts.

In with the New: Advantages of Digital Impressions

With the iTero scanner, we leap into the future of dental technology. This revolutionary tool provides an ultra-precise digital impression of your teeth and jaw. Say goodbye to the unpleasantness of conventional methods and hello to a seamless, comfortable experience. One of the immediate perks? You get to see a 3D digital model of your teeth right away, enhancing communication and understanding during consultations.

How Does the iTero Scanner Function?

Utilizing cutting-edge optical technology, the iTero scanner captures the intricate details of your teeth and gums. This hand-held device is compact and can be paused and resumed as required during the scanning process.

The scanner uses a radiation-free laser to create a detailed 3D representation of your oral structures in just two to three minutes. As the scan progresses, you can watch a real-time digital model of your teeth form on our computer screen. Versatile and advanced, the iTero scanner is compatible with all orthodontic treatments, including Invisalign®.

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