Dr. Jeffrey Jones is a board certified orthodontist and diplomate living and practicing in Tallahassee now for over 20 years. He continues to be excited with the technological advances in Invisalign and Invisalign Teen that allow us to treat a wider variety of orthodontic problems with excellent results. We are finding many treatments to have better outcomes than with traditional braces. With the addition of the iTero scanning technology, he can offer the most accurate, impressionless models for the construction of the aligners.

Dr. Jones loves having adult patients in his orthodontic practice! He wants his patients to obtain the smile they’ve always wanted.  Also know that there are many other options for treatment he provides that are affordable and cosmetically pleasing to adults whether providing Invisalign or other methods.

Please call our office for a complimentary consultation to see which customized treatment option is right for you.

Is Invisalign Is Right For You? Still not sure? Here are some reasons to choose Dr. Jones for your orthodontic care: 

Schedule an appointment with us! We’d love to see what we can do to improve and preserve your beautiful smile. Thanks in advance for your trust. We hope to see you soon!


  • Many treatment options that are cosmetically pleasing for adults
  • Affordable in-house financing
  • COMPLIMENTARY screenings and consultations
  • COMPLIMENTARY Waterpik Complete Care Toothbrush and Water Flosser upon start of treatment
  • COMPLIMENTARY whitening at the end of treatment
  • All the above is available with any treatment option 18 months or longer!
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Invisalign Treatment Provides Many Benefits 

INVISALIGN ISN’T THE PERFECT SOLUTION FOR EVERYONE, BUT……if you’re a good candidate, there are LOTS of reasons for choosing Invisalign—and they’re not all simply about going metal-free!

Clear, removable Invisalign trays are a less invasive orthodontic treatment method. With Invisalign technology, your teeth can be straightened without causing inconveniences to your daily life.

Benefits You Probably Didn’t Expect 

The most obvious difference between Invisalign treatment and braces is their appearance, but there’s more to it than that. For example…

  • Less office visits. We’ll see you only once every 4 to 8 weeks.
  • Invisalign trays can sometimes double as whitening trays or protective mouth gear for sports.
  • The removable trays allow you to brush and floss normally, which results in better oral health during treatment.
  • You can enjoy the foods and beverages you choose, without the dietary restrictions of braces.
  • The smooth plastic trays are more comfortable, so you won’t deal with the irritation metal brackets sometimes cause.

Straight Teeth Provide More Than A Great Look 

Aesthetics aside, having straight teeth is important for a number of reasons. Straight teeth are easier to clean and floss. They also guard against uneven wear, and painful TMD problems. Straighter teeth allow for more efficient chewing and enhance food digestion. Straight teeth can even cause better pronunciation and speech!